Mobile Sauna and Truck at Esquimalt Lagoon

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Wildwood Saunas

Community Sauna

Where is the Community Sauna located?

Currently, our Community Sauna sessions take place Thursday through Sunday from 9am – 6pm at Esquimalt Lagoon.

We are petitioning the District of Oak Bay to allow us to continue operating at Willows Beach, and will provide updates they happen.

The cost is $20/hour for Community Sauna and $100/hour for a private buy-out. See our Reservations page for more details.

What do I need to bring with me?

We recommend you bring yourself a large water bottle, swimwear, flip flops, two towels (one for the bench and one for drying youself), snacks and anything else you think you might need.

How much does the Community Sauna cost?

The cost is $20/hour per person for the public Community Sauna or $100/hour to rent out the sauna privately for your group. We recommend reserving your spot in advance and you can simply book now from our Community Sauna page.

Are alcoholic beverages allowed?

For health and safety reasons, we do not allow alcoholic beverages inside our saunas. Extra substances will inhibit your time in the sauna and is simply not safe for your health. To reap all the benefits a sauna can bring you, please use it when fully hydrated.

Additionally, alcohol is prohibited at all public beaches in the Greater Victoria and the surrounding areas, including Esquimalt Lagoon.

Can I take food and drink into the sauna?

No food or drink inside the mobile sauna please. We recommend keeping drinking water outside the sauna for before, after and during breaks. If you would like to bring water with you in the sauna please use a plastic bottle. Metal water bottles heat up and have potential to cause burns. Keep hydrated!

How long can I go in the sauna for?

Saunas are typically enjoyed in rounds. The average session consists of 3 rounds with 15 minute intervals in the hot room. The first round will be the most intense as your body adjusts to the high temperature of the sauna… 120-160-200°.

Come out for a break between rounds. Cool down in the outside weather, dip into the ocean or a plunge pool, drink water, enjoy the view. Then re-enter for round two! Listen to your body and decide when enough is enough.

If at any point you feel dizzy or light-headed, please exit the sauna immediately, drink plenty of water and consider cooling off in the ocean or the on-board shower.

Mobile Sauna Rental

How much does it cost to rent a sauna?

Our authentic, wood-fired mobile cedar saunas are currently available to rent for any three day period between Sunday and Thursday for $400.

Our mobile sauna gets delivered to your location, complete with a full 50 gallon water tank for the on-board shower and enough firewood to cover the 3-day rental. We’ll also bring you a cold-plunge tub.

Please see our Mobile Sauna page to make a reservation.

Do I need a special surface to accommodate the sauna?

Our rental saunas come permanently affixed to one of our custom-made trailers.

The sauna/trailer will be placed on your driveway or any solid and level area that can be safely accessed by the delivery truck. We cannot drive up/down any extreme slopes that are not road worthy or place the sauna on soggy ground

You are required to have a solid level surface to house the rental sauna. For your safety, the team member delivering the sauna has the right to refuse rental if there is no safe place to leave the sauna.

Once a safe spot has been chosen the sauna must stay in this spot until picked up by one of our team members

How do I operate the sauna?

A Wildwood Saunas team member will give you an overview of how to operate and use the sauna and go over important safety and maintenance guidelines.

A waiver form must be signed by you (the renter) before our team member leaves your location.

Can I rent the sauna for longer than 3 days?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate any rental requests exceeding 3-days at this time.

As Wildwood Saunas continues to grow, we plan to have more mobile sauna units available for rent in the future, which will enable us to offer more long-term rental options.

How many people can I fit in the sauna?

Our mobile saunas each fit between 6-8 people. Notably, the less people there are in the sauna, the more comfortable the overall experience will be. 

What are the health benefits of using a sauna?

Saunas are known for their many health benefits. The heat from the sauna relaxes the body’s muscles and allows blood to flow more freely. The blood vessels dilate which helps improve blood circulation.

It also encourages the release of endorphins. Endorphins not only make you feel good but they help the muscles deal with pain. Increased blood circulation has a therapeutic effect on your mental wellbeing too. A sauna may increase cardiovascular endurance, as it may lower your resting heart rate over time.

Custom Built Saunas

Should I choose an electric or wood-fired heater?
Electric heaters have the advantage of warming up very quickly, being simple to operate and are a great option if you’re looking to use your sauna on a frequent basis. With the added benefit that you can pour water on our electric heaters, there’s no wonder over 80% of our customers opt for electric heaters.
A wood fired sauna is fantastic for cottages, rural properties, where electrical is not feasible or if you’re looking for the ’traditional’ sauna experience.
What is required for the electric heater connection?

All of our electric heaters are 240V. Most of our saunas use 7.5kW heaters, which require a 40A breaker (non-GFI) and 8-3 Teck cable run to the back wall of the sauna. This wiring and the final connection of the sauna to your panel must be done by a certified electrician. Our larger (greater than 8ft) saunas require a 9kW heater, which uses a 50A breaker and either 8-3 or 6-3 Teck cable (based on your electricians recommendation).

Usually electrical hookup, is easier than customers think. Teck cable costs around $11/meter and is usually be buried in an 18” trench (local bylaws may vary). To save money on setup costs, several of our customers dig their own trenches and then have their electricians lay the electrical cable into the trench.
Customers are recommended to have an electrician do a preliminary inspection (often free) of their electrical panel to ensure they have capacity on their service panel for the sauna. If you’re located in Victoria, we have a number of electricians we have worked with and can recommend.
Do I need a permit to install a sauna?

Most jurisdictions allow for outbuildings under ~100sq ft without a building permit. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they are in alignment with all the laws and building codes in their area.

Does Wildwood make infrared saunas?

No, we don’t currently make infrared saunas. We’ve been disappointed by the build quality and lifespan of most infrared panels on the market. As such, we only fabricate electric and wood-fired saunas.

What kind of wood do you use to build your saunas?

All of our saunas are made with locally milled Western Red Cedar unless otherwise requested. The cedar is select tight knot and kiln dried to minimize and cracking or warping that green lumber can experience. It also ensures our wood is dimensionally stable.

It’s important to find a soft wood that can soak up steam and deal with heat absorption without any type of long-term damage. Eucalyptus, basswood, cedar and even thermo-spruce are some of the best types of soft wood for long-lasting saunas.

What surface can I install a sauna on?

The great thing about saunas is that they don’t require a concrete foundation. This means they can be installed on nearly any level surface (e.g.: crushed stone, river rock, gravel, wood decking, flagstones, or even grass. When installing on grass or organic surfaces, we recommend putting down pavers or flagstones under the corners of the sauna feet to prevent it from settling into the ground over time.

Do you still have questions?

Please feel free to contact us directly with any additional questions you might have.

Phone : (250) 466-5275

Email: info@wildwoodsaunas.com