Custom Sauna Builds

4-Person Sauna (5′ x 7′) with 6 kW electric stove

Starting at $10,500 CAD + Tax


8-Person Sauna (6′ x 8′) with 6 kW electric stove

Starting at $12,500 CAD + Tax


Barrel Saunas starting at $11,000

Bubble Glass Add-On $1,500



  • Wood-burning Stove – $1,700 + Tax
  • Essentials Kit (Bucket, Ladle, Thermometer & Hygrometer) – $200 + Tax




What Makes Our Cedar Saunas the Best on the Market?

Faster Heat Up Times: We use larger heaters than our competitors to give you the fastest possible heat up time (20-30 mins)

Silent Heater Control: Some heaters have audible “ticks” as the heater timer counts down. Our electric heaters are digital so don’t have any count-down ticking.

You Can Pour Water on the Rocks: Both our electric and wood-fired heaters can handle water being poured directly on the rocks for that traditional sauna experience. Our electric heaters are CSA Approved for use in Canada.

What Type of Wood Does Wildwood Saunas Use?

All of our saunas are made with locally-sourced Western Red Cedar. The cedar is kiln-dried to ensure it’s as dimensionally stable as possible. We use select tight knot cedar, which means that the cedar has some knots, which are purely visual and don’t compromise the integrity of the cedar.


Custom Sauna Wildwood

Should I Go Wood or Electric?

It all depends on how frequently you intend to use your sauna and where it’s being installed.

Electric: For customers in urban locations or who wish to use their sauna several times a week, electric is a great option. You can get the electric heater up to 90°C (194°F) and there is no issue pouring water on the rocks of our electric heaters. The electric models heat up in just 10-20 minutes and it’s as simple as hitting the “on” button to get it fired up. The electric heaters we use require a 40A, 240V service run to the back wall of the sauna. Getting an electric hookup is often easier than you think and in most cases can be done by an electrician in just a few hours. Our electric stoves are fabricated by a Vancouver-based company, Homecraft Saunas and they all come with a 1-year warranty.

Wood: If you have a rural property, have limited electrical capacity or just love the traditional method of getting a sauna fire stoked, then our Harvia stove powered saunas are a great option. The stoves are made in Finland and in our opinion they’re the best wood-fired stove out there. For customers with wood-fired saunas, temperature control can be done most effectively by managing how much wood you use as well as the the species (ie: cedar burns hotter than pine). Our wood-fired saunas, take about 20 minutes to heat up.